“Children’s Homes suffer due to pandemic”

The Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes strives to create a home in the capital for children in abnormal circumstances, who are often abused and neglected, where they are given everything they would find in an ordinary home with an ordinary family.

“Unfortunately, with the onset of the pandemic, Children’s Homes had to set aside our normal marketing plan to generate money for the Children’s Homes and so far we have not been able to hold any fundraising functions,” said Charlene Grobler, CEO of both Children’s Homes.

The annual Jakaranda Liggiefees, which is already an institution among the residents of Pretoria and had been recorded in diaries early on, was not hosted in December 2020 as usual. The revenue from this festival usually covered the Children’s Home in East Lynne’s expenses, while management waited for the Children’s Home’s annual government subsidy. 

Furthermore, the Children’s Home’s management has decided to also postpone a gala evening in August due to the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is currently hitting Gauteng hard. “The plan was to treat guests to a three-course meal while we would share some of our children’s success stories with the supporters on the evening.”Grobler says the Children’s Homes should now turn to members of the public for support to keep the day-to-day operations at the homes in East Lynne and Queenswood running smoothly. “Readers should not underestimate what they can mean to us. Remember, the Children’s Homes need everything you would use in an ordinary home, even if it is different, and you have to multiply it 30 times for each home. ”

Grobler says the setup at the two Children’s Homes is also no longer one of a central kitchen with bedrooms and bunk beds.

Louis Botha Children’s Home, which has been in existence for 103 years this year, was one of the first Children’s Homes to introduce a system of 12 children who live in a home with houseparents and are supported by assistants. The children can learn to cook here together and help with certain household tasks while learning life skills. 

“To fall into the care of and manage a total of 326 children, who are enrolled at 16 different schools, is definitely not a joke.”

Jakaranda Children’s Home (formerly the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Pretoria) can provide a safe home for 230 children between the ages of three and 18 at full capacity, while Louis Botha cares for 100 children. The children who live in this Children’s Home are between seven and 18 years old. 

Grobler encourages readers to get involved as volunteers at the Children’s Homes. The Children’s Homes receive clothing, food and financial donations. Readers can choose to become financially involved with the two Children’s Homes in several ways:

One-time cash donation with PayFast or an EFT.

Monthly debit order deductions.

Make a legacy to the Children’s Homes. Make a legacy to the Children’s Homes.

Visit the Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes websites or social media platforms for more information, or email Ina Kotze to ina@jacarandachildren.co.za