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Vision Independence

A Glance at VISION Independence

What happens to the children when they leave the Home?

Children who are placed in a child care centre are legally obligated to leave at the age of 18 or at the end of their secondary education. Having spent most of their lives in the care of the Jakaranda Kinderhuis, they feel a lot of uncertainty and fear when it is time to leave.

These young adults have no economic or emotional support but have no choice than to face the world on their own. VISION Independence strives to change this by filling the void.

A group of people from the community have taken on the responsibility to support these children financially and emotionally. Their role is to find a place for the children where they feel a sense of belonging and where they can make a valuable contribution to society.

Our Vision

The VISION Independence dream is that every young adult one day provides not only for his/her own basic needs, but also has a vision of a blooming, independent future irrespective of their past.

Our Mission

VISION Independence strives to help young adults overcome their developmental delays in order to reach their full potential, to become self sufficient and to make a valuable contribution to the broader community

What Do We Do?

School leavers have many needs. VISION Independence strives to provide the
following to the children:

  • We support children with transport, groceries and accommodation
  • We provide basic furniture and appliances
  • We offer opportunities for further study
  • We provide career counselling
  • We offer financial advice
  • We help where medical or therapeutic services are needed
  • We help with personal needs and provide emotional support and guidance.

Become Involved

VISION Independence invites you to participate in this developmental programme. Opportunities include:

  • Financial – contributions are used to pay for tertiary education and other academic opportunities, textbooks, accommodation, transport etc.
  • Resources and gifts in kind – such as basic appliances, furniture, equipment, and facilities that can be used in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, as well as clothing, groceries, stationery and computer equipment.
  • Accommodation – for one or several school leavers
  • Job opportunities and bursaries
  • Professional services – such as career planning, medical aid, etc

Volunteering Opportunities

Assist with:

  • Job placements
  • Skills training
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Medical and therapeutic services
  • Career counselling and driver license training

The Road Ahead

VISION Independence is working towards being able to accommodate its school leaving children in its own premises. Property ownership will eliminate much of the children’s stress and give them the opportunity to concentrate on their studies and adapt to their new after-school life. It will also give the organisation an opportunity to assist more children. This “commune” would be situated in mid-city Pretoria and would help save on rent and travel expenses as well as leverage on bulk savings.

Differentiating Factors

VISION Independence provides sponsors with a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of orphans and destitute children by helping to secure a future outside the security of one of our Homes. VISION Independence aims to achieve its objectives by involving companies and private individuals by offering the following benefits:


As an initiative of the Jakaranda Kinderhuis, VISION Independence provides sponsors with the security of established community-based brands and conducts its fundraising activities under the auspices of the Jakaranda Kinderhuis.


VISION Independence is spearheaded by a management committee comprising experienced individuals from the Homes. The committee’s responsibilities include the overall management of its sponsors’ participation, as well as planning and conducting the fundraising initiatives. All funding is managed by the Jakaranda Kinderhuis.


The Jakaranda Kinderhuis has been approved by the Tax Exemption Unit of SARS under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (No. 58 of 1962) as public benefit organisations. Donations, financial or in kind, are therefore tax deductible by the donor, whether an individual or a corporation, in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in Section 18A of the Act.


Sponsor names/logos receive exposure on the Jakaranda Kinderhuis website and in the respective newsletters. Branding opportunities are available to companies at fundraising events in the form of banners and branded collateral, applicable to the type of fundraising function.


Sponsors receive regular updates and ongoing feedback by the managing committee pertaining to the progress of VISION Independence, including all the latest news and events.

Get Involved

Who to ask

Cecile du Preez

OFFICE: 012 653 8001

CELL: 082 868 4096



Frans Burger

OFFICE: 082 453 8694



Gary Van Veenhuyzen



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