Vision Independence

VISION Independence

VISION Independence

VISION Independence is a programme focused for our School Leavers

VISION Independence strives:

  • To support children with transport, groceries and accommodation
  • To provide basic furniture and appliances
  • To offer opportunities for further study
  • To provide career counselling
  • To offer financial advice
  • To help where medical or therapeutic services are needed
  • To help with personal needs and provide emotional support and guidance.

VISION Independence needs you!   You can become involved in any of the following areas:

  • Financial – contributions are used to pay for tertiary education and other academic opportunities, textbooks, accommodation, transport etc.
  • Resources and gifts in kind – such as basic appliances, furniture, equipment, and facilities that can be used in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, as well as clothing, groceries, stationery and computer equipment.
  • Accommodation for one or several school leavers
  • Job opportunities and bursaries
  • Professional services such as career planning, medical aid, etc


A group of people from the community have taken on the responsibility to support these children financially and emotionally. Their role is to find a place for the children where they feel a sense of belonging and where they can make a valuable contribution to society.



Cecile du Preez

OFFICE: 012 653 8001

CELL: 082 868 4096

EMAIL: edupreez1@telkomsa.net


Frans Burger

OFFICE: 082 453 8694

EMAIL:  fjb@icon.co.za