Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

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Stepping stones is a Development Program at the JaKaranda Kinderhuis. It is a group activity that was created to help abused, neglected and previously disadvantaged children to step away from their circumstances and take baby steps towards functioning at an optimal level.

This development program is beneficial to our children in the following ways:

  • They maintain healthy lifestyles
  • they achieve fitness through perseverance
  • the program improves self-esteem and self-image
  • Teaches them teamwork
  • Teaches self-discipline and endurance
  • Enhance social skills
  • Teach self-assertiveness

Our children utilise the skills that this developmental program teaches them and they apply it in their daily lives. Despite the circumstances that they came from, they build up a resilience to walk away from the neglect in their lives and move towards the beauty that life has in store for them. We have the testimonies of children who were struggling in school but improved their performance significantly through their participation in our program. Those who did not trust others grew more comfortable in groups and motivated each other to keep going.

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Stepping stones was established in January 2014. It is made up of two teams of boys and girls varying from age ten and up. Since the group was established there have been numerous successes stories and the project clearly shows the potential to become one of the most impactful developmental activities that the Jacaranda Kinderhuis has to offer.

Our goals are to give our children the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun walks so that they can challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally as well as incorporating this sport with hiking. This gives the children the opportunity to experience quality hiking trails like Tsitsikama and the Fish River Canyon. This is where they can really test themselves and apply what they’ve learned. Ultimately our goal is to create an annual Jakaranda Kinderhuis fun walk to raise funds for this project. Propper funding goes a long way toward ensuring our children have quality walking gear and towards covering the cost of hiking trails and fun walks in the future

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Elanze Smit



MOBILE: 012 800 4700


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OFFICE: 012 800 4700