Cycling Development Project

Cycling Development Project


About 11 years ago the Jacaranda Kinderhuis founded their cycling development project. The project has also offered a therapeutic input into the lives of the children involved.

Within the first year of the project’s inception, our participation in “fun rides” began and children that were not able to visit over the weekends were invited to join in the competitions. The cycling project does not have a permanent sponsor as yet but we occasionally receive financial backing from the community.

In the 11 years since our first cycling group was brought together, we have taught more than 780 children to cycle and competed in more than 325 competitive events. We focus on boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18, helping them train with road bikes as well as mountain bikes.

Students Taught
Events Raced

The cycling project was originally started to help children who were struggling with responsibility or perseverance in their personal lives. The project is always growing and our athletes regularly compete in cycling competitions and races. We strive to give our most dedicated riders the opportunity to follow a professional cycling career path when they leave the Children’s Home.

Project Objectives

  • Perseverance

The development of perseverance to finish what you started and the resilience to handle anything that comes your way.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, respect for humanity, positive attitude, good sportsmanship, anti-doping.

  • Team Work

Working together, being helpful, being able to accept help from others, respect for those who give.

  • Responsibility

Being able to take responsibility for yourself, others, nature, being respectful towards motorists and the rules of the road, caring for your bicycle and equipment.

  •  Technical Skills

Looking after your own bicycle and equipment, developing communication and safety.

  • Competition

Competing first with yourself and then with those around you, learning from winning and from losing, focusing on developing your own potential.

  • Academic Development

Development of your mental capacities, reading, studying new techniques, job creation.

  • Life Lessons

Maturity, emotional release, communication, socializing, choices, trust, respect.

Project Phases

1. Learn To Ride

Group activities to teach children how to ride.

2. Recreational Ride

To give both children and adults the opportunity to take part in "fun rides" and competitions.

3. Licence to Ride

To give the cyclists that have the potential to reach this level an opportunity to practice cycling as a sport .

Small Ways to Help

We are always looking for people to get involved in this project. Any cycling equipment or clothing is always appreciated.

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Gary Van Veenhuyzen



OFFICE: 012 800 4700