Adopt - A - Home

Adopt - A - Home

Why Adopt a Home ?

The inefficiency of a boarding school setup for the normal development of children very quickly became evident. A decision was made to build individual houses with a maximum number of 12 children per house. This enables the Children’s Home to cater for the individual needs of each child

Jacaranda Kinderhuis has 21 houses and they all have basic day-to-day needs.

Against this background a project was initiated called Adopt-a-Home.This project enables concerned individuals, companies, church groups or teams to adopt-a-home, becoming involved in assisting the needy houses to improve their infrastructure and to meet day-to-day needs.

The project offers three distinct options for adoptions:

1. Adoption by individuals: who can adopt a house by offering their time, expertise and/or funds
2. Adoption by a group: Individuals can club together to adopt a house and offer time, expertise and/or funds
3. Adoption by a company: A company may choose to adopt a house of its choice The Phases of the project:

Phase One

• The needs of each house is prepared in a profile.
• We aim to get at least R8000.00 per house per month.

Phase Two

• Potential adopters are sought.
• Profiles of identified houses are presented to potential donors.
• Potential adopters can choose a house they wish to adopt and the kind of adoption programme they wish to be part of Phase Three.
• Development work begins.

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