Go Green

Our vegetable garden is one of our newly sustainable projects. Sustainable gardening hopes to provide our homes with basic foods.


Each house can have up to 12 children (either a boy’s / girls’s house). The goal is to encourage the public/corporates to become involved in a specific house with their day-to-days needs, etc.

Scuba Academy

The Academy uses scuba diving as an avenue to skill our learners in a field that will potentially provide them with employment opportunities.


Our Cycling Development Project aims to assist children who are struggling with anxiety, perseverance and responsibilities in their personal lives.

Defend with Integrity

Defend with Integrity focuses on self defence, fitness and self confidence. It also helps our children with flexibility, cardio and improving blood circulation.

Vision Independance

Vision Independence strives to provide career guidance, therapeutic services, financial planning providing emotional support and guidance.

Good Gear ZA Socks

All four socks were designed by four children from our home. With every pair purchased, 50% of the proceeds benefit our home. Look good – do good.

Gift Boxes

Every month a box of delicious goodies (made by our House Mothers), a packet of our Brew Cause coffee (in partnership with TriBeCa) as well as a fun addition is available for purchase to support our Home.


Every Saturday, we are at our stall at the Pretoria Boeremark. All of our products are handmade by either our house parents and children to improve their house funds.