Vision & Mission

Jakaranda & Louis Botha Children’s Homes

Vision Statement:

Jakaranda & Louis Botha Children’s Homes are Children’s Homes in the community of Gauteng managed to protect, care, educate, and develop traumatises, neclected & abused children in need of care.


Jakaranda & Louis Botha Children’s Homes deliveries services in obedience to the demand of the Bible:
Opportunities to a meaning full life and a stimulating environment. A stable and challenging working environment. The handling of all cases in a correct manner. Managing projects in the interest of the broader community.

For more information contact our marketing department:


Gary Van Veenhuyzen
Multidisciplinary Development Centre - MDDC
Tel: 012 - 800 4700
Mobile: 073 844 9994


Ancha Smuts
Louis Botha Children's Home
Tel: 012 - 333 6184
Mobile: 083 230 8366 (08:00 - 17:00)