Another year without lights for our children… but do not despair!

A decade ago Jakaranda Children’s Home decided to give our children the prosperous gift of a magical festive season filled with lights, love and laughter! The Jakaranda Kinderhuis Liggiefees grew into one of the most successful light festivals in Pretoria, South Africa. Each of our 20 homes were decorated with millions of lights and in addition, the entire premises of the Children’s Home were lit up too. Subsequently it turned into our biggest annual fundraising event. 

 “We are devastated to announce, that for the second year in a row, we will not be able to host our traditional Jakaranda Kinderhuis Liggiefees. This year would have been our 12th anniversary of this successful event. We have explored many options, including hosting a Drive Thru Liggiefees, but as a result of the current and anticipatory precautions, we cannot predict what will happen in the months to come. Our main priority is to keep our children and staff healthy during this pandemic.” said CEO Charlene Grobler. Elaborating on this she said “our children were always so excited to start decorating their homes with lights and now we had to break the news to them that they will not be able to do it again this year. It is so much more than a mere fundraiser for them. It is about creating a magical and special festive season filled with love and lights for our children. Something that our children have always been a part and proud of.” 

 “But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to a repeat opportunity; we have a solution that our children will also be able to experience and enjoy” Grobler said. “Last year The Greenlyn Market hosted our Jakaranda Children’s Home Lights at their incredible Night Light Christmas Market. Together with our lights and their fabulous night market, they’ve collected much needed funds for us.” “We are privileged that they have chosen to join hands with us again this year, we are humbled” said a thankful Grobler. The market is hosted and managed by EnterActive Productions. 

The event will run from 11 – 19 December 2021, with various time slots to choose from. It will take place at the Greenlyn Village Centre. Tickets can already be booked on

“We would like to appeal to the public and businesses to support the Jakaranda Liggiefees @Greenlyn. It has been a traumatic time for everyone in our country, but with your support we can continue raising and caring for our 232 children.” said the Marketing and Fundraising Department. 

Should you wish to make a difference or become involved please contact the Marketing Department on 012 800 4700 or 073 844 9266 /

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