Interaction with the children

Planning to visit or planning an excursion for our children?

Here’s what you need to know beforehand…

Any type of interaction with the children must be registered and approved by our Social Workers Committee.  Our Social Workers Committee meets every Wednesday morning at 08h00.

Procedure to follow:

STEP 1 – Please download / fill out the application form and submit to
STEP 2 – If your visit does not meet our goals or policy, it will unfortunately be declined immediately by our marketing department.
STEP 3 – Your application will be forwarded to our Social Workers Committee for approval.
STEP 4 – You will receive approval on the 1st Thursday after your application, if your request was on a Wednesday you will only receive feedback on the 2nd Thursday after your request was submitted.



·         Your application is NOT a automatic approval. Please wait for official written approval before you go ahead with your planning of the visit or excursion.

·         Download our Visit & Excursion Policy to familiarise yourself with our goals, policies and procedures.

·         We do not allow visits or excursions involving ALL our children at once.

·         We encourage visits “per house” and will allow a maximum of 3 houses or 30 children to be involved in one visit or excursion.

·         If your application was not received in time, remember approvals are done every Wednesday morning between 09:00 – 15:00 on our Social Workers Committee meeting.

·         Our children are just children, help them to learn from mistakes, setbacks and challenges