Multidisciplinary Development Centre – MDDC

Jakaranda & Louis Botha Children’s Homes

The outdoor Multi-Disciplinary Centre (MDDC) is located on a 20 hectare plot in Kameelfontein, north of Pretoria and provides opportunities for the children from the Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes to learn about the environment, develop skills and to overcome their personal challenges.


The MDDC strives to provide hope to disadvantaged children by giving them opportunities, which allow them to develop into responsible adults.

Current activities at the MDDC include:

Water based activities
Walking trail
Cycling trail
Obstacle course
The Road ahead:

The facilities at the MDDC although effective are limited. In order for the MDDC to become the developmental centre that it strives to be, it requires funding support from the community.

The following are planned initiatives that need sponsorship:

Tented bush camp
Accomodation (Dormitory)
Foefie slide
Obstacle course
Climbing wall
Multi-activity centre
Paved maze
Paved road access
Horse riding therapy for the disabled children

Our Sponsors

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Gary Van Veenhuyzen
Multidisciplinary Development Centre - MDDC
Tel: 012 - 800 4700
Mobile: 073 844 9994


Ancha Smuts
Louis Botha Children's Home
Tel: 012 - 333 6184
Mobile: 083 230 8366 (08:00 - 17:00)