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Dive for Life is a Jakaranda Children’s Home initiative, which commenced in March 2010.

Dive for Life is a scuba diving project in conjunction with Blue Reef Divers that aims to develop the skills and the self-esteem of some of the Jakaranda Children’s Home’s scholars over a period of three years. The project raises awareness of the importance of protecting the aquatic environment, teach its participants about nature, and generates more caring attitudes towards the environment.

Dive for Life’s Key Objectives

Children with scuba diving skills and qualifications can secure a future in this diverse industry. Skills development as well as an increased awareness of the importance of aquatic conservation is two of Dive for Life’s most fundamental objectives.

Dive for Life aspires to achieve a paradigm shift in the minds of the learners to care more for the environment and to teach the learners about the many ways that they can make a difference. Dive for Life incorporates the conservation principles of Project AWARE, an international conservation initiative, in its training material to help teach the learners about the importance of conservation.

Traditionally, learners at the Jakaranda Children’s Home are less trusting of people and circumstances due to their past experiences. Scuba diving is underlined by a system of trust, which Dive for Life aims to instill in the heats of these young learners.

A glance at the Jakaranda Children’s Home

The Jakaranda Children’s Home is a community-based project that is managed by a board of directors comprising members from the community. The Home is partly subsidized by the government.

The children, which age from 3 to 18 years, have been place in the Home’s care by the Children’s Court on the grounds of the Childcare Act. After a child has been placed in our care, it is our vision and responsibility to care for, clothe, feed, protect and to develop the child to his/her full potential. Dive for Life is one of the Jakaranda Children’s’ Home’s initiatives to assist it in obtaining these objectives.


The Jakaranda Children’s Home strives to dismiss the developmental hindrances that its children have experienced and introduce them to a wide range of opportunities, develop their skills, and aid them in reaching their full potential. This will enable the children to act as responsible adults when they leave the Home.

Dive for Life’s Operations

Dive for Life uses scuba diving instruction as an avenue to skill its learners in a field that will potentially provide them with employment opportunities once they leave the security of the Jakaranda Children’s Home. Dive for Life will be recruiting its first 12 learners that are over the age of 15 from the Jakaranda Children’s Home during April 2010.

The children will undergo swimming training before they commence their entry-level scuba diving course. The diving course includes theoretical training, swimming pool dives, lake divers and sea dives.

Once the scholars have obtained their Open Water certification, the newly qualified divers will be evaluated and selected to receive advanced scuba diving training during the following year.

After the advanced training is complete, the divers who show a keen aptitude for a specialized career in diving will be further selected to receive focused training in the area that best suits them individually. Specialist training will take place the following year, thereby completing the 3 year scuba diving programme.

The spectrum of specialist training is broad and can include National Geographic Diver, AWARE Fish Identification, Coral Reef Conservation, Underwater Naturalist, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Digital Underwater Photography, Underwater Videographer, and many more.

In the ever growing diving industry, employment opportunities for divers, whether entry-level certified or specialist divers are broad. Dive for Life, with its sizeable network, will help its learners to find employment after their departure from the Jakaranda Children’s Home.

Dive for Life in Conjunction with Project AWARE

Project AWARE is an international conservation initiative managed by the Project AWARE Foundation. The foundation is the scuba diving industry’s leading non-profit environmental organization and is dedicated to the conservation of the aquatic ecosystems.

Project AWARE focuses on education, advocacy and action in its efforts to preserve the underwater environment.

Dive for Life incorporates the following subject matter from Project AWARE in its training programmes:

The ocean commons and coastal zone issues

Fisheries challenges and sustainability

Coral environment overview and inhabitants

The role of the scuba diver in protecting aquatic environments

Differentiating Factors

Dive for Life provides sponsors with unique opportunities to make a difference in the lives of orphans and destitute children by helping to secure a future in the diving industry. Sponsors also benefit from the in-direct participation in marine clean-ups, data collection and overall marine conservation.

Dive for Life aims to achieve its objectives by involving companies, private individuals, as well as representatives of the diving industry in this exciting initiative by offering the following benefits:

Established Community Brand

As an initiative for the Jakaranda Children’s Home, the Dive for Life project provides sponsors the security of an established community-based brand and will conduct its fund raising activities under the auspices of the Jakaranda Children’s Home.

Expert Management

The project will be spearheaded by a management committee comprising experienced individuals form the Jakaranda Children’s Home. The committee’s responsibilities will include the overall management of its sponsors’ participation in the project, as well as planning and conducting the project, as well as planning and conducting the project’s overall fundraising initiatives.

All funding will be managed by the Jakaranda Children’s Home.
Marketing Exposure

Sponsors names/logos will receive exposure on the Jakaranda Children’s Home website an in the company newsletters. Branding opportunities will also be available to companies at fundraising events in the form of banners and branded collateral, applicable to the type of fundraising function.

Feedback and Information

Sponsors will receive regular updates and ongoing feedback by the managing committee pertaining the progress of Dive for Life, including all the latest news and events.

Become Involved

Dive for Life invites you to participate in this developmental programme. Opportunities include the provision of diving gear, sea life posters, aquatic books, informative DVD’s, medical supplies, and funding. For additional opportunities,

please contact a Dive for Life representative.


The aim of the scuba program is to allow the children to reach Dive Master level as this will lead to International work opportunities.

Our purpose with the Scuba project is to develop skills and self-esteem, while raising awareness of the importance of protecting the aquatic environment and learning more about nature.– Dive for life.

By obtaining certain skills through scuba diving and qualifying up to a certain level, a child can secure a future with ample job opportunities in this fast growing industry



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