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Debro Van Wyngaard

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Defend With Integrity Martial Arts Project 

Jakaranda Children’s Home is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that looks after the welfare of abused children. The children are mainly placed in our care by the children’s court due to abandonment, neglect and abuse (sexual, emotional and physical). Our main goal in caring for these children is to fulfil their basic needs such as love, security, stability, healthcare, food, clothing and education.

The Jakaranda Children’s Home caters for a number of different activities, all with a therapeutic undertone. One of the many group activities in our programme is ‘Defend with Integrity’. 60 Children are involved in this group activity. This new group activity focuses on,

Self-defence – allowing the child to emphasise many of their natural strengths while learning a method of self-defence,
Fitness – strengthening the personal development of the mind and body,
Building character development skills such as discipline, honour, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-confidence, loyalty and building self-esteem,
Self-confidence – as the children accomplish new goals, their confidence levels increase.
In order for this new group activity to be sustainable we need support and assistance from the community. If you are willing to assist us, you can become involved by:

financially (class fees of R2000.00 per month, competition fees of R150 for +/- 15 children, buying of clothes for practising -club t shirt and parachute pants),

Donation of new or used sparring (self-defence) gear – gloves, head gear and foot gear, gum guards, punching bags

Donation of weapons (bow-staffs & nun-chunks)

Financial donation for funding our survival camp (once a year)

Donations may have income tax benefits. Our BANKING DETAILS are as follows:

Jakaranda Child and Youth Care Centre

Bank: ABSA
Branch Name: Derdepoort
Branch code: 335245
Account number: 1430140724
Reference: DEFEND


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