Jakaranda Kinderhuis

About Us

Started in 1987 and situated in East Lynne, Pretoria, the Jakaranda Kinderhuis is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that looks after the welfare of abused, neglected and abandoned children. These children are removed from their parents and placed in our care by the South African Children’s Court.

Our primary purpose is to provide the children with clothing, housing, schooling, food, security and stability. In addition, we aim to provide the children with the necessary therapy, life skills and emotional support that they need in order to become responsible adults and curb the cycle of abuse.

The Jakaranda Kinderhuis is currently looking after 216 children between the ages of 2 and 18 years. The children are divided into groups of 13, each group living in separate houses under the supervision of house parents.

To cover the running costs of the Children`s Home, the marketing team has the giant task to raise close to R18 000 000 annually (R250per child per day). Only 35 percent of this amount is subsidised by the government.

By supporting the Jakaranda Kinderhuis you will give back to the community supporting an institution that is effectively administered and motivated to help children reach their full potential.

Vision Statement:

Jakaranda Kinderhuis is a Children’s Home in the community of Gauteng managed to protect, care, educate, and develop traumatised, neglected & abused children in need of care.


Jakaranda Kinderhuis deliveres services in obedience to the demand of the Bible:

  • Opportunities to a meaning full life and a stimulating environment.
  • A stable and challenging working environment.
  • The handling of all cases in a correct manner.
  • Managing projects in the interest of the broader community.